Gala: 2019 Mini League – Round 1

Date: Sunday 3rd March 2019
Venue: Drumchapel Swimming Pool, Drumry Road, Drumchapel, Glasgow, G15 8NS
Cost per event: No fees for entry to this event
Closing Date: 24th Feb

Parking:  If car park is full there should be space on nearby streets or across the road.


  • Be poolside at: 12.20pm
  • Warm up starts: 12.30pm
  • Meet starts: 1.00pm
  • Approx finish time: 3.00pm.  All children will be asked to stay poolside until the end of the meet (and not nip off early to the showers) as it is a Mini League tradition that each participating club do a team chant in turn at the end.


At Drumchapel Pool the spectator area is raised and completely separate from the pool area so it is not possible for children to go and get things they need from their parents during the meet. Please could you therefore make sure your child brings the following poolside with them:

  • Swim cap (preferably a HASC cap and, for those who participated last year, the HASC Mini League cap)
  • Goggles and, if possible, spare goggles
  • T-Shirt (HASC one if they have one)
  • Towel (in addition to the one they have for changing)
  • Flip flops, Crocs or similar
  • A full water bottle
  • Plenty of snacks
  • A rucksack/bag to put all of the above in


  • If for any reason your child is unable to swim, please could you give as much notice as possible to allow time to rearrange relay teams etc.
  • The Mini League is a fun, team competition between swim clubs. It is specifically for swimmers up to age 11 and its purpose is to introduce younger swimmers to competition at a fun, friendly meet where they swim both individual events (25, 50 or 100m depending on age) and relays with their teammates.
  • Each competition lasts about 2 hours plus a 30 minute warm up beforehand. There are also no entry fees so it’s much cheaper than some competitions!
  • This is Round 1.  There are 2 further rounds:
    • Round 2 – Sunday 24th March at Helensburgh Pool.
    • Round 3 – Date to be confirmed but it will be hosted by Grangemouth Swim Club and is likely to be in April or May.

Message From Gala Convenor (26 FEB):

“Many thanks for the great response in signing your children up for the first round of the Mini League next Sunday 3rd March. We’ve got a team of 20 swimmers going so it should be a fun afternoon.”


Gala Details… 2019 Mini League – Round 1 (3 March)