It was almost a full turn out for the annual club Breaststroke Age Group Competition at Helensburgh pool.  A fast paced, exciting & very noisy event was enjoyed by the swimmers and their families.

Forty four swimmers competed for individual points that rank towards the season end age group trophies. For 15 swimmers it was their first time competing in the stroke over the distance.  There were a few nervous faces but they were all able to overcome and perform really well. For swimmers age 7 and under the distance was 25 metres, those age 8-9 swam 50 metres and everyone 10 years and over 100m. All of the swimmers gave it their best shot and some fantastic new and personal best times were achieved.

First place in each gender age group went to. Girls; Iona McGarry (7), Alice Cummings (9), Roisin Kavanagh (11), Caitriona Stewart (12), Emily Miller (15) and Charlotte Caskie (16) and boys; Fergus McEwan (9), Joseph Aylward (11), William Peace (12), Ryan Thomas (15) and Jake Miller (17 ).

There were also some fantastic personal best times set with the girls age 8-9 group achieving the most significant improvements. Jessica Hendry improved her time by an extraordinary 29 seconds, Bella Kerr by a whopping 28 seconds and Freya MacFarlane by a fabulous 23 seconds. Abey Hennessey and Lila Hicks also secured impressive PBs of 15 and 14 seconds respectively.

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