Drop-off & Pick-up

In the interest of reducing the number of people in the building at any one time, we ask that swimmers be dropped off outside the pool building with everything they need. Parents will not be allowed into the building unless for specific reasons (such as talking to a coach about a child’s medication). We ask that swimmers respect Scottish Government guidelines of 2m social distancing and wearing of masks.

In the interest of safety, please ensure you escort younger swimmers to the pool door, where they will be greeted by a club volunteer (C.L.O.) and signed in to their session. At the end of a session, swimmers are asked to be checked out by a club volunteer at the door, and in the case of younger swimmers we ask a parent or guardians pick up their swimmer from the pool door.

Volunteers will be on hand to help swimmers with any questions or queries. Please check our Facebook page for regular updates. If you are not on Facebook please email HASC Enquiries and someone will get back to you.

General Instructions

  • Always maintain social distancing of 2m, noting that this is not necessary for under 12 year olds but is good practice.
  • Bring a face mask for use in the changing area (please label)
  • Come to the pool ‘beach ready’ (in your swimming costume with a onesie or equivalent clothes that can be put on quickly).
  • If your child needs help putting on swimming caps please ensure they arrive with this already on as coaches will not be able to help with this.
  • No parents will be allowed into the sports centre, unless the coach needs to be advised of a medical problem.
  • Remember to bring water but it must be in a labelled bottle.
  • Bring a spare hat and goggles as you will not be able to borrow kit from another swimmer.
  • Sanitise hands on entry.
  • Register with COVID Liaison Officer (CLO), making them aware of any illnesses. Ensure you have completed the online Health Survey.
  • Follow the one-way system into the changing room.
  • Note that every other cubicle is available for changing, which limits the number of cubicles to 13. Do NOT spend a lot of time in the cubicle and try not to touch any surfaces except the door.
  • Put flip-flops or crocs on, leave the changing room and straight to your coach on poolside.
  • Up to 9 people will be allowed to swim in a double lane.
  • Do not touch any swimmers or your coach. Try to keep 2m away from everyone.
  • If you feel ill during the session, tell your coach, leave the pool and contact NHS.
  • At the end of training, rinse your kit in the pool water.
  • Return to the changing village via a sign posted one-way system.
  • Do NOT have a shower.
  • Change quickly, ideally putting onesie or similar on top of wet swimming costumer.
  • Leave the pool via a one-way system back onto poolside and out through the café area.
  • Sanitise hands before leaving building.
  • Sign out with the CLO when your parents are there to collect you.
  • When home, clean your equipment well with anti-bacterial wipes.