House Team Allocations

Every swimmer joining the club will be entered into a house team.  Team names are to be chosen by the house teams themselves to initiate the process and they will be limited to local famous people or landmarks so they are longstanding.

Initially, people have been allocated to a house team based on an even spread of squad members across all house teams. Going forward, people will be allocated to a house team when they join the club based on the objective to have even numbers in each team.

The house teams will be given time to nominate house captains for the year and also arrange mascots which should be brought to every club competition.

Gaining Points

House points will be awarded at club competitions (including both age group and  open competitions), for receiving the Nigel Atkinson trophy or for other efforts or contributions to the club as the coaches and committee deem appropriate.

Every competitor entering the club competition will get a point for their house regardless of result.

Every competitor in the top 6 of their age group will get additional house points as follows:

First place – 6 points
Second – 5 points
Third – 4 points
Fourth – 3 points
Fifth – 2 points
Sixth – 1 point

At the end of each club competition, there will be a house squadron relay in the same stroke.  Two swimmers (girl and a boy where feasible) from each age group should swim.  It is important that everyone gets a relay swim over time.

The winning relay team will score 8 points, second place will score 6 points, third place will score 4 points and fourth place will score 2 points.


At the end of each age group competition, the house with the most points will be awarded the trophy which should be returned for the next age group competition.  No trophy will be presented for Open competitions.

At the end of the season, the house with the most points overall is the winner.